5th Biennial HITRAN Conference (1998)

[9th HITRAN conference group photo]

Group photo (click for larger version).

The 25th anniversary of the first public release of the HITRAN spectroscopic database was celebrated at the fifth biennial HITRAN Conference. Scientists from around the world attended the event to address the issues of molecular spectroscopic databases. The conference took place between 23-25 September 1998 at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Battlespace Environment Division, Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts.

Five oral sessions and a poster session were held, covering the following topics: Molecules and Cross-sections; Line-mixing; Databases; Aerosols; and Applications. The keynote speaker of the conference was Professor Richard Goody, whose book "Atmospheric Radiation, Volume 1 Theoretical Basis" published in 1964, had a seminal impact on the creation of the HITRAN database. Dr. Daniel Hastings, chief scientist of the U.S. Air Force, delivered a special address at the conference.