Also available through HITRANonline are a selection of supplemental data and tools that can be accessed below.


A line-mixing package for CO2 is provided as part of HITRAN2016 [1, 2]. Further details and an explanation of usage is available via the following link:

Total Internal Partition Sums

HITRANonline provides access to the Total Internal Partition Sums (TIPS) from Ref. [3] for all molecules (and their isotopologues) contained in the line-by-line section; accessed via the isotopologue metadata page. The following link contains further details and software for calculating the TIPS for each molecule:

Supplemental Absorption Cross Sections

The link below provides access to supplemental absorption cross sections described in Ref. [4], as well as those from previous HITRAN editions:

Radioactive Isotopologues

Line lists for three radioactive isotopologues of CO have been provided in Ref. [5]. Users should be aware that the line intensities have not been scaled by isotopic abundances. We therefore advise users to refer to the manuscript and corresponding readme before using the data. The radioactive isotopologue data for CO (and readme) are available by clicking the following link:


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